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Torture still scars Iranians 40 years after revolution

Feb 6, 2019

Iranians still scarred by torture, 40 years after the country's Islamic Revolution

Milwaukee museum features thousands of bobbleheads

Feb 6, 2019

A new museum in Milwaukee may well hold the largest collection of bobbleheads anyone has ever seen, displaying more than 6,500 figures of athletes, mascots, celebrities, animals, cartoon characters, politicians and more

MMA coach Greg Jackson launches effort to promote New Mexico

Feb 6, 2019

A mixed martial arts coach who has trained fighters like Jon Jones and Holly Holm has announced he will launch an effort to promote New Mexico businesses and tourism

Lunar New Year allows US companies to find prosperity too

Feb 6, 2019

As many Asian-Americans and immigrants across the U.S. mark the Lunar New Year by gathering with family or friends over food, they can also celebrate by eating Mickey Mouse-shaped tofu or sporting a pair of new Year of the Pig-inspired Nike shoes

Art exhibit shows Ivanka Trump lookalike vacuuming up crumbs

Feb 5, 2019

A new art exhibit at a Washington museum shows an Ivanka Trump lookalike pushing a vacuum cleaner and invites spectators to toss crumbs for her to clean up

Russian activists raise alarm about captured whales

Feb 5, 2019

Activists are expressing alarm about more than 100 whales that are being kept in small, crowded pools in what environmentalists are calling a "whale prison," off the coast of the Russian Far East

New app lets dog lovers swipe right for perfect pet match

Feb 5, 2019

A group of animal lovers in Lithuania has created a mobile application inspired by the popular dating app Tinder to match up dogs in local shelters with new owners

Asia welcomes Year of the Pig with banquets, temple visits

Feb 5, 2019

Asia welcomes the lunar Year of the Pig with temple visits, family banquets and world's biggest travel spree

AP Photos: Asia greets year of the pig, farewells the dog

Feb 5, 2019

AP Photos: Asia rings in the year of the pig, says farewell to year of the dog in the 12-year Chinese astrological cycle

Statue of limitations? Facebook draws line over museum nudes

Feb 4, 2019

A Geneva art museum says Facebook prohibited it from promoting an upcoming exhibit with images of two statues, a half-naked Venus and a nude, kneeling man


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