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Dog sent overseas by mistake returned to Kansas family

Mar 16, 2018

A dog that United Airlines mistakenly flew to Japan is back with its family in Kansas

Pence protesters win free speech fight over St. Pat's parade

Mar 16, 2018

Pence protesters win free-speech fight over St. Patrick's Day parade in Georgia

The Latest: Police chief pledges respect for speech rights

Mar 16, 2018

Savannah police chief pledges to respect free speech rights during Pence visit for St. Patrick's Day

Fading wolf population to be restored at Lake Superior park

Mar 16, 2018

Federal officials have tentatively decided to transport 20-30 gray wolves to Isle Royale National Park over the next three years to replenish a population that has nearly died out because of inbreeding and disease

The Latest: Turtle euthanized amid reports it ate a puppy

Mar 16, 2018

Idaho officials have euthanized a snapping turtle at the center of an investigation over whether a biology teacher gave it a sick puppy to eat in front of students

St. Patrick's parade in Boston won't let anti-war vets march

Mar 16, 2018

Boston's popular St. Patrick's Day parade is all about veterans _ but not all who've served in uniform will be allowed to march this weekend

Trump touts Irish ties, but jokes about country's taxes

Mar 16, 2018

President Donald Trump is welcoming Ireland's prime minister to the White House for the leader's traditional St. Patrick's Day visit

Mayor of Cypriot beach town says boorish tourists unwelcome

Mar 15, 2018

The mayor of one of Cyprus' premier tourist hotspots says police patrols will be stepped up this summer to keep in check boorish visitors who give his town a bad name

United to issue special pet carrier tags after dog's death

Mar 15, 2018

United Airlines plans to issue bright colored bag tags to people traveling with pets to prevent animal carriers from being placed in overhead bins following the death of a puppy on one of its flights

Repair shop integral part of competition at Paralympics

Mar 15, 2018

Away from the stadiums, it's the most hectic place at the Paralympic Games: the repair shop for the disabled athletes' equipment.


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