The next book by Matt de la Pena is a 'Love' story.

May 30, 2017

The next book by prize-winning children's author Matt de la Pena is a "Love" story

Gold Star father Khizr Khan plans book for young people

May 25, 2017

Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father who became a national celebrity after speaking at last year's Democratic National Convention, has a book planned for young readers

Best-selling authors discuss art of 'the beach read'

May 9, 2017

The "beach read" is short-hand for disposable page turners but many who write them have long-held rules and standards: strong characters and narratives, and settings that are compelling and accurate

Chelsea Clinton writes children's book, 'She Persisted'

Mar 16, 2017

Chelsea Clinton has written a children's book, with a sharply worded title

Hirscher soon off to island to unwind after rewarding year

Mar 15, 2017

Marcel Hirscher plans to spend two weeks on an island reading books, watching movies and staring into the sea as he ruminates on this: Does he really want to keep ski racing

Making waves: Rick Yancey plans a new '5th Wave' novel

Mar 14, 2017

Best-selling author Rick Yancey is ready to make new waves: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Yancey has a 3-book deal, including at least one that continues his "5th Wave" science fiction series

Politics and poetry reign at NY Fashion Week

Feb 12, 2017

There was much talk of politics, and even poetry readings, as fashion lovers braved freezing rain and slush on the fourth day of New York Fashion Week

Games, crafts, other activities may safeguard aging brain

Jan 30, 2017

New research suggests simple activities including web-surfing, playing bridge and socializing can stave off mental decline, even for those in their 70s and beyond

Prosecutors: UK children's author 'drugged by partner'

Jan 11, 2017

Prosecutors say British children's author Helen Bailey was plied with sedatives and likely suffocated by her fiancé in a financially motivated killing

White House releases Obama's summer reading list

Aug 12, 2016

The White House released President Barack Obama's summer reading list on Friday as the first family vacationed in Martha's Vineyard


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