With gun salutes, Pakistan marks 71 years of independence

Aug 14, 2018

Pakistan kicks off day of celebrations marking country's 71 years of statehood and independence

Rhode Island alone celebrates Victory Day, debate lingers

Aug 13, 2018

Rhode Island is marking the end of World War II as a state holiday, although it remains the only state in the U.S. to do so

Pakistan's newly elected parliament meets for the 1st time

Aug 13, 2018

Pakistan's newly elected parliament meets for the first time since last month's general elections

Pakistan's opposition parties protest alleged vote fraud

Aug 8, 2018

Pakistan's opposition parties have held a rally in the capital calling for the head of the elections oversight body to step down following allegations of fraud and irregularities in last month's elections

London department store launches Christmas shop _ in August

Aug 6, 2018

Europe may be basking in a summer heatwave, but Selfridge's store is thinking of chillier times, launching its Christmas Shop a full 145 days before Dec. 25th.

Macedonia's leaders spar over name deal on national holiday

Aug 2, 2018

Macedonia's national holiday hasn't given the prime minister and president a day off from disagreeing about a deal to rename the country North Macedonia

Chile begins to restrict tourism to protect Easter Island

Aug 1, 2018

Chile's government is beginning to restrict tourism to Easter Island, which is known for its stunning gigantic stone heads known as Moais

Mike Huckabee says he may buy home in West Bank settlement

Aug 1, 2018

Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has symbolically taken part in the building of an Israeli settlement in the West Bank

Kate Spade's husband posts heartfelt image on Instagram

Aug 1, 2018

Andy Spade, the husband of late designer Kate Spade, returns to Instagram with heartfelt image

'Stranger Things,' other terrors at Universal for Halloween

Jul 31, 2018

Universal Studios' parks in Orlando, Los Angeles and Singapore are bringing Netflix's "Stranger Things" to their Halloween Horror Nights


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