8 Ways To Increase Conversion With Social Call-To-Actions

By rinnie on Monday, March 25th 2013

8 Ways to Increase Social CTA

It is difficult to deny that social networks now play a pivotal role in the business and marketing world. Though these types of networks might have begun as a novel idea to keep in touch, or a way to expand social circles, they are now used for all aspects of everyday life. Social networks are not limited to family and friends anymore, but they also embrace entrepreneurs, new and old businesses and much more. They offer plenty of opportunities to budding entrepreneurs, as long as they understand the networks’ full potential for building a client base.

Analyzing your target market through social media platforms can be essential in making sure your business survives. This is because you can change aspects of your campaign which aren’t working, through the process of analyzing traffic by age, habits, location and more. By continuously monitoring many aspects relating to your client base, you are able to cater to customers in very specific ways so that your business changes in relation to those aspects. A business which constantly changes to meet customers’ needs is always healthy, and it all helps in maintaining sustainability and high profit margins.

A sure way to increase lead conversion for your business is the use of call-to-action methods. For those unaware, call-to-actions invite users to perform a desired action, by way of banners, links or similar methods. Ultimately, the user will navigate through a conversion-funnel, or a series of actions which will eventually result in the sale of your product.

CTAs (call-to-actions) are extremely important when marketing your services on your social media platform of choice, especially when they’re used correctly. Customers should always be enticed into purchase, rather than forced into buying something. Here we will examine eight separate ways to increase conversion with Social CTAs.

1 – Special Offers

Promotions, deals and special offers are always a good way to entice users into purchasing a product. Consider reducing the price of a product for a limited time only, for the growth of your client base.

Giveaways are also useful, as no user will pass on the opportunity to get a product for free. All these are strong motivators for a user to act, by clicking on a required link or banner which you specifically set up. You can then track each customer individually to see which things worked in this specific marketing strategy.

2 – Create Urgency

Phrase which are sure to make clients react are things like “Buy Now,” “Limited Time Only,” “Limited Edition” and similar phrases. These create urgency for users, who will usually react promptly. Since these phrases effectively put a deadline to a product, users will deem it necessary to purchase quickly, particularly if the products are sought-after, original or of high quality.

3 – Simple and Immediate Messages

Make sure to avoid complex terms, or specific jargon relating to your business or industry. The point of CTA methods is to deliver your message quickly so that users interact immediately, so simple language is always recommended. Use language which conveys a message in a few words, keep it concise for maximum effectiveness.

4 – Using Videos

We all understand how videos can convey a complex message in a matter of seconds. The immediate nature of the medium makes it a valuable marketing tool, which you can integrate into your campaign. By asking viewers to watch a video and commenting, you can eventually lead potential customers to a purchase. Consider investing in professional video-editing services to maximise the potential of this particular CTA method.

5 – “Like” and “Follow” and “Vote” Buttons

Everyone knows social signals improve traffic and page rankings. These social votes can also be considered call-to-action methods, and can help your business gain better online status. “Like” and “Follow” will help index your business highly in search engine, and it will help you gain the attention of other users and potential clients. Share buttons are another way to ensure this, as anyone from family to co-workers will be able to see shared content.

These methods also allow you to track and analyse which users are most likely to share your content. With the right setup, they can provide valuable information for the growth of your business and your marketing campaign.

6 – Provide Specific Targets, with Few Options

While you may think providing customers with many options is beneficial, in the case of call to actions it certainly isn’t. If you give potential clients too many options it will only confuse them, and they may decide not to pursue the action at all. Be specific when choosing a CTA method, and make sure there is only one specific action which users can interact with.

Direct marketers have found that too many options will drive customers off altogether, not only from the CTA itself but from your site. Be advised and consider simplifying matters further. A general rule of thumb would be to provide 1 main CTA, and an optional CTA that was made to make the first CTA more attractive looking (aka ‘Negative A’).

7 – Always Keep Track of Things

This is vital in order to determine whether your practices and methods are effective, and what you need to change (if anything at all). Ways to track actions are: tracking code, custom-designed landing pages, e-mail, customer service numbers and social sharing. These are all good methods which allow you to analyze user’s location, age and other crucial aspects.

Google analytics also provides widely used methods to analyze traffic and various other aspects of your site. Most social network applications provide these, so it is easy to look at all possible information relating to your clients, in order to change things and improve things that don’t work for you.

8 – Bring Users Back with Re-marketing

A prime example of remarketing would be using Google Adwords Remarketing, which collects users’ surfing habits and displays CTA adverts in relation to those habits. This is a useful way to make sure your customers remain interested on your site, or even use this strategy so that users come back.

This service offers various levels of customization, and you can choose which details to collect in order to provide targeted advertising. You can even choose how long the ads will be displayed for. There are other remarketing services available, and by searching you can choose the one that best suits your business.


Hopefully these 8 tips would give you the competitive edge needed to dominate your target market and increase conversions through social CTAs. By progressively monitoring and modifying aspects of your campaign which aren’t working through analytics, your entire business model would improve, driving it to better success.

Remember – a business which constantly changes to meet customers’ needs is always healthy as it helps maintain growth and high profit margins.