7 Tips To Be A Respected Online Marketing Solutions Company

By rinnie on Monday, March 25th 2013

7 tips to online marketing

We live in a fast paced-world, and as a marketing solutions provider, we must adapt to both the ever-evolving, and time-tested principles that will enable us stand out from the considerable competition. This fact is even more so for an online marketing solutions company within the rapidly changing marketing environment.

In order to establish credibility in the marketing field though, there are some things that we can incorporate grow ourselves as an online marketing solutions provider.

Today we’ll show you how.

i) Willingness to Share Expertise

Some companies dislike sharing their ‘secrets’, but organizations that do, tend to perform a lot better and are more respected.

The creation of ebooks, webinars, and other forms of content creation and dissemination, are a sure way to quickly win loyal customers. This practice enables you to showcase your company’s expertise on the topic, while subtly advertising your brand, and increasing the awareness that people have of my service.

When reading more about your company, prospective customers have the opportunity to gain a more in-depth insight into some of your best practices for developing marketing strategies that deliver results. This marketing method is also referred to as inbound marketing, a practice that involves the targeting of desirable leads into your sales funnel, as opposed to chasing after questionable targets.

ii) Making the Most of Webinars

Webinars are effective tools for advertising your expertise on a chosen subject. This method works best when the webinars are free.

Considering the fact that you’re trying to establish my authority on the subject of the provision of online marketing solutions, inviting established industry experts to contribute will attract more of an audience. It also pays to select a popular topic that is sure to get a lot of attention as a means of boosting attendance.

iii) Hiring Industry Experts

Part of strategic positioning involves hiring industry experts to work for your company. Such experts are usually people with an established track record in various niches that include search engine marketing, SEO marketing, and others with proven success in search engine optimization. Tapping into the opportunities presented by valuable human capital is an invaluable method to establish the authority of your brand.

iv) Offer Them Something They Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Valuable content that offers prospective customers an extra resource for acquiring information is another smart method of generating inbound marketing leads.

Using thoroughly researched white papers and ebooks, prospective customers could be asked to sign up in order to receive further free material, or even to view the complete material. This method is effective for driving potential leads to your company, as curious visitors can view other services you offer to learn some more about your brand.

v) Using Email Marketing to Stay in Touch and Inform

When potential leads sign up to gain access to any of the brilliant free or trial products and services you offer – store their email addresses for future communication.

When people subscribe for ebooks, webinars, white papers, free trials of software or other products and services, you’ll be able to email and send them communications tailored to their interests. The main aim of email marketing is to ensure that your prospects remember you. The trick to successful email marketing is to maintain an acceptable balance that keeps your company in the minds of prospects and customers, but does not overwhelm them with a barrage of sales messages.

Constant sales messages are a source of irritation and will only elicit negative responses. Use memorable and clear titles for your emails so prospects know that they contain something they can benefit from, such as a free ebook.

vi) Capitalizing on Landing Pages

Utilize landing pages to maximize the potential for generating inbound leads. Each form should ideally be accompanied by a landing page extolling the benefits attached to the products or services offered by your company. This will increase the chances that a prospective lead will be further convinced to sign up through the provision of a name and email.

vii) Balancing Between “High Volume, Low Quality” vs “Low Volume, High Quality” Leads

Companies should always understand the trade-off between applying landing pages with a high rate of conversion, as opposed to the generation of quality leads.

It’s a simple numbers game. If you utilize lots of landing pages to get high amounts of traffic and leads, there’s no guarantee that they’d be paying for your product. In fact, they’re just there for the free stuff.

On the other hand, fewer landing pages might actually lead to the generation of quality leads that translate to more valuable and desirable customers who will actually spend money. In short – higher conversions.

Content marketing can help you generate inbound leads and establish your company as a respected online marketing solutions company. Hopefully, these 7 tips have been helpful and we’ll see you at the top of Google soon.